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Stock Market Foundation Course

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Course Description

This course could be a perfectly designed securities market basics course to make a strong knowledge bank on various tools and techniques required to grasp the functioning of the capital market. It gives a necessary insight into financial jargon like Equities, IPOs, Derivatives, Technical Analysis of the exchange, Macroeconomics, and Financial Planning. It is an ideal blend of Fundamental Analysis of Stocks, which shall help the investor pick the correct company, and Technical Analysis, which can provide the correct entry and exit timing and costs through charts. Financial Planning shall help to par their savings within the right investment vehicle. Certification in the online Stock Market Foundation Course is necessary to supply the perfect trading knowledge to beginners.

What will you learn?

1. What is Stock?
2. What is Stock Market?
3. Why We need Stock Market?
4. What is Capital Market?
5. What is the Indian Stock Market?
6. What is National Stock Exchange?
7. What is the Bombay Stock Exchange?
8. What is Regional Stock Exchange?
9. What is the Size of the Indian Stock Market?
10. What is Shares?
11. What is Share Market?
12. What is Forex Market?
13. What is Commodity Market?
14. What are Commodity Exchanges?
15. What is the Timing of all Markets?
16. What is Index?
17. What is Sensex?
18. What is Nifty 50?
19. What is Stock Broker?
20. What is De-mat Account?
21. What is Trading Account?
22. What is a Long Position?
23. What is a Short Position?
24. What are the Phases of Market?
25. What is Bull Market?
26. What is Bear Market?
27. What is SEBI?
28. What is RBI?
29. How a Company Issues Share?
30. What is IPO?

1. What is Merchant Bank?
2. What is Draft Red Herring Prospectus?
3. What is Lot Size?
4. What is ASBA?
5. What is Primary Market?
6. What is a Secondary Market?
7. What is Depository?
8. Main Depositories in India?
9. What is NSDL?
10. What is CDSL?
11. What are Depository’s Participants?
12. What is Market Cap?
13. What is a Large Cap?
14. What is Mid Cap?
15. What is Small Cap?
16. What is Screen-Based Trading?
17. What is Trading Cycle?
18. What is De-Mutualization?
19. What is Clearing Corporations?
20. What is India Vix?
21. What is Direct Market Access?
22. What is Bid Price and Ask Price?
23. What is Spread?
24. What is Stop Loss?
25. What is Target?
26. What is Volume?
27. What is Volatility?
28. What is Trading?
29. Different Types of Trading?
30. What is Investing?

1. Charting Software
2. How to use Charting Software?
3. What is Technical Analysis?
4. What is the Assumption of Technical Analysis?
5. What is the Benefit of Technical Analysis?
6. What is Chart?
7. Type of Charts?
8. What is Line Chart?
9. What is Candle Stick Chart?
10. Important Candle Stick Patterns?
11. What is Trend and How to Draw Trend Line?
12. What is Support and Resistance?
13. How to Find Trend Reversal?
13. How to Find Stock for Trade?
14. How to do Intraday Trading?

  1. What is Candle Stick Chart?
  2. Important Candle Stick Patterns?
  3. What is Trend and How to Draw Trend Line?
  4. What is Support and Resistance?
  5.  How to Find Trend Reversal?
  6. How to Find Stock for Trade?

How to do Intraday Trading?